Planning services

Planning Services
Whether it’s optimising an existing infrastructure or a major transformation, a clear understanding of the current situation is integral to success. Our assessment and discovery services provide thorough insights into your current environment.

For the uninitiated, planning a large transformation or design project can prove a daunting task. Our assessment and discovery services locate performance issues, security vulnerabilities and gauge the size of your environment. We then use these insights to build a firm foundation for successful change.


We can provide infrastructure assessments and health checks across your entire business: all backed by a wealth of real-world industry leading knowledge and enhanced assessment tools that provide a detailed view of your IT estate.

Our reports are aimed at giving your business visibility and health around your current technology stack and ensuring any transformation projects’ ongoing success, avoiding common pitfalls and enhancing your existing services and improving the return on investment in your chosen technologies.

We tailor our assessments to suite your business but typical customer requirements include:

  • Microsoft infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • End User Computing
  • Cloud technologies
  • Mobility

Our assessments are used to locate performance issues, security vulnerabilities and correctly size your environment.


Many businesses suffer technology sprawl as a result of infrastructure growth or staff utilising shadow IT. As a result, it can be difficult to keep track of owned assets within an environment.

EEC Services will assist you in discovering and mapping your complete infrastructure, ensuring projects do not experience setbacks due to unforeseen issues, and enabling you to make the most of existing assets.

Our discovery services are commonly used for:

  • Pre-project environment analysis
  • Accurate application usage metrics to ensure licensing is working for your business
  • Audit and compliance reporting support

Discovery services are sometimes overlooked, but are essential for ensuring a streamlined experience for the client. Benefits include decreased infrastructure design turnaround, and reduced risk to the client’s business, operational and security functions.


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